Poet Spotlight: Matthew Dickman Reading “Slow Dance”

“[Matthew Dickman] knows something about the sorrow of this world, its call for a kind of toughness of spirit and a sensitivity that must go underground if one is to survive and, more importantly here, the violence that such poverty recreates and echoes in the lives of the dispossessed…But it is his artfulness and large spirit, telescoping without sentimentality the single outlook of a speaker who has escaped such conditions and now looks back, as bluesy as such projects go, that gives his poems a universality of feeling, an expressive lyricism of reflection, and heartrending allure.” -Major Jackson

Matthew Dickman (born 1975, Portland) is an American Poet. Dickman received his bachelors at the University of Oregon his first book, All American Poem received the American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize in Poetry in 2008. His work, though seemingly simplistic, is comically relatable and beautifully heartfelt.

Other stuff including “Self-Portrait with Sadness, Wild Turkey, and Denis Johnson” can be found here: http://www.fishousepoems.org/archives/matthew_dickman/