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Short Blog: Digital Poet Caterina Davinio

In researching digital poetics for this assignment, I found some interesting work by Italian poet Caterina Davinio that shows the different approaches to digital poetry and media. Though Davinio’s style of art isn’t exactly my taste, the first video shows the multitude of layers that a piece of work can embody. Assuming that digital poetry is really a type of fiction (my apologies if that sounds ignorant but I’m still semi-unfamiliar with the medium!), one could compare her work (for example, the first video i’ve listed) to something like that of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness; each art piece contains a layering of perspective that starts with the artist (Davinio and Conrad) and trickles down to the viewer, and the middle portion between artist/author and viewer/reader is retold by either Marlow or Davinio’s avatar cyber character. The second video I’ve listed appears more along the lines of what I would categorize digital poetry to be. We see mixed mediums, symbols in the place of language, a myriad sounds that conflict or align, etc. etc. If you further research Davinio, a lot of her work is dedicated to luxury cars like Ferrari and Jaguar. Though these videos are in Italian, the language barrier actually helped me understand the many aspects to the poem, as words became noise and I was able to better identify all of her included sounds without getting lost in a poem of familiar language. If that makes sense?

Below are two other videos that I found rather innovative to the world of experimental film. The first is from and is a narrative of a skateboarder’s passion for his sport; though the narrative is rather consuming of the video as a whole, I thought that the way in which the editor includes the flames was pretty cool. As for the second video, Lily Donaldson’s father created a video of the model and her hair. Yes, it sounds absolutely absurd, however, his editing is brilliant as it is slowed down to a humanly impossible speed and each lock is separated in a really surreal way. Each video is interesting in that it takes something simple from daily life and magnifies the movement or friction from it in a really unique way. That’s all, hope you enjoy!

The Berrics: (there’s an ad at the beginning so hold out for the video!)

Lily Donaldson: