Emmanuelle Alt

Worldview: French Vogue’s New Editor is Elegant Emmanuelle Alt

All hail Emmanuelle Alt, the new editor in chief at Vogue (Fr.) after ten years of dedication. Working beneath former editor of the magazine, Carine Roitfield (who states she is retiring to take on personal projects), Alt will hopefully maintain the poise of her previous position in applying it towards editing. In an interview with fashion.telegraph.co.uk, Alt states, “It is such an honour for me but also a great pleasure to land at the helm of Vogue Paris, a magazine which I know very well. By working with such talented teams, I can start to work on developing the incredible potential that Vogue Paris has.” She plunged swiftly into her career in fashion, holding the role of fashion director at Elle (Fr.) at the fresh age of twenty. Though the position may be one of controversy, it appears that much of the fashion world around Paris is largely excited for Alt’s promotion. Regarding her motivation, Karl Lagerfeld states the following: “Her style is her big shoulders, long legs, tight jeans, sleeves up to the elbow, one hip out. I personally like her. She’s a handsome French woman. She has a style, but is it enough to make a whole magazine? As editor-in-chief, she may blossom.”