Short Blog #5: Feed Them to the Wolves

Short Blog #5: Woolf, Wolf, and more Feminism

1. Blogging Woolf:  Virginia Woolf may have stolen my heart in a lesbian-continuum sort of way. She is the modern Sappho, and her diaphanous language is unrelentingly inspiring. A fellow WordPress site, Blogging Woolf is a wonderful blog that unites Woolf fanatics from the UK to the USA. The headline reads, “Focusing on Virginia Woolf and her circle, past and present” and is quoted as “mixing laughter and tears”. I fully understand that this suggestion is relatively nerdy, yet, with all of you who listed Mrs. Dalloway as a “must read”, you know why this site exists. There is so much that could go into a cult solely centered upon Virginia Woolf. The site features current Woolf projects, references throughout the online community, as well as events in the real-life world concerning modernist literature.

2. The Huffington Post and Naomi Wolf:  Naomi Wolf is both a feminist and political theorist who recently published the a book entitled The End of America. She is allegedly categorized as a third-wave feminist, as she stands as a progressive liberal concerned with the current status of American nationalism. I recently read this book and found it hauntingly supported by facts of reality…it really makes you think. Within her blog, Wolf discusses current events (not only politics but facts that any literary individual would find interesting) such as Sundance, the status of editorial journalism, banking, and issues concerning women in media. Her writing is concise yet brilliantly contrived, informing her readers on global issues without sounding pretentious. Below is a video of her discussing the theory within The End of America.

3: Feministing: I came across this blog when doing research for a paper in a Feminist course and thought, though at times comical, that each artical held excellent points referencing the woman’s place in society today that relate to any-aged woman from teens to post-menopause. Not concerned with bra-burning as you male readers may conclusively jump, writers of Feministing get down to the realistic details of everyday life and how sexism is still present in 2011. As quoted by, “Feministing provides a platform for us to comment, analyze and influence.”


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