Marc Jacobs & Twitter: Social Media Really Is Applicable

In beginning this course with a salty taste in my mouth from past experiences with searching blogs, I couldn’t really conceptualize the fact that heading a Twitter account is considered to be a job and potentially, within the next three years, could be considered a “career”. I stumbled across the following conversation this weekend and thought I’d share.  Being mid-New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs International “tweeted”, if you will, that they are looking for a new social media director that is to head their Twitter account. Stating that they’d accept no resumes, individuals were to sum themselves up within one tweet, making the staff at MJ laugh, cry, or feel inclined to further investigate the anonymous “twitteree” of their favorite tweet. I couldn’t help but think this was a scam, merely a way to pass through the all-nighter of insanity that precedes a runway show, yet, two minutes following this thought, a “new tweet!” message popped up stating, “THIS IS NOT A SCAM” and I couldn’t help but laugh wondering what people were sending in. Someone might just have gotten a free flight today to an interview in Manhattan from their personalized catchphrase digging to the depths of a stylist’s soul. Considering the shift of global media into a consumption of cyberspace communication, perhaps the staff at MJ really is on to something with this, as maybe, just maybe, one could truly shine in only 140 characters of text from their smartphone while watching the Grammys. In an interview following his runway collection today, Mr. Jacobs stated, “I kind of like what’s strict and disciplined right now. I’m tired of everything being all over the place.” Perhaps the internet is our future, and digital communication via tweets and flikr photo collections will be the saving grace of our economic decline, making order of the millions of digital outlets that are out there and merging mediums and people together that before couldn’t connect on an ordinary level. Perhaps order is to come within the chaos of the internet, and the cohesive factor will, in fact, be a Twitter-type outlet that allows us to share news rapidly. Is the Twitter-style newsfeed going to replace newsprint and the newspaper culture? Will it be the new small-talk means of spreading news, creating discussion amongst the masses? Will professional bloggers become the celebrities of tomorrow, known for what they’re saying/doing online, and is this new outlet a digression or progression of global intellect?


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